Textbook prices have increased dramatically over recent years. We at Olympus Publishing Company are making a sincere effort to keep prices reasonable. In fact, our price is about 30% less than the other leading books. Most people assume the only expense publishers have is the printing cost. But to create a textbook, publishers must also pay for surveys, reviews, fees to authors and contributors, designers, photographers, copy editors, accuracy checkers, typesetters, website management, faculty support and student support personnel, marketing costs, rent, and overhead. It all adds up. Then school bookstores mark up the price (between 25% and 35%, typically) to cover their overhead. We have been able to keep our prices down by controlling expenses, creating a smaller, more concise (yet high-quality) book, and not being greedy about profits. We are committed to providing MORE FOR LESS!

We even offer an e-book for greater savings. (To buy an e-book, go our Products Page by clicking below.)

We are extremely proud of Math for Business and Life. Please take a moment to tell your instructor thanks for selecting the best book with the best value for your course.