Do You Hate Math?

Lots of people hate math. Some do okay with math but don’t really enjoy it that much. Two people love math! Well, okay, there are more than two who love it—we forgot about Bart Bellwinkle in Bismark, North Dakota. Our goal is for the three in the last category to continue loving it, for those in the second category to start enjoying it, and for those in the first category to start liking it at least a little bit!
      Some people think only geeks like math. Many people dislike math because their friends or relatives dislike it. Some of us have had a bad experience in a previous math course. Some of us feel like we don’t have a math mind or that we’ll never use this stuff. And many girls are lead to believe that boys are genetically “better” at math. Whatever the reason, math phobia grips most of us at one time or another. We could tell you that all of the above reasons are nonsense, but that won’t make you feel any better. We will, instead, offer some tricks to help you overcome your distaste for math and have a successful course. The ideas come from instructors around the world, not from a single source, so we think you will find the ideas extremely useful.
       Math is the building block of nature and things within it. From leaf patterns to music to skyscrapers, math supports the various textures that make life interesting and unique. Math is needed for getting and surviving most jobs: nurse, chef, clothing designer, electrician, investment broker, salesperson, architect, banker, builder, business owner, plumber, and the list goes on. And math is needed in our personal lives, such as in budgeting, saving, deciding which products to buy and not to buy, deciding which loan to get, and avoiding getting “ripped off.” Remember,

Math Is Our Friend

Math is not an obstacle; it’s a tool to help us along life’s path. If we have good math skills our life will go much smoother; it’s like having a buddy along for the ride, there to help us when we need it! We keep hearing from students and instructors that Math for Business and Life is the most real-life text on the market. It’s stuff you will use! And the author uses a friendly, nonintimidating writing style. As a result, you should find that math is more fun and meaningful than with textbooks you have used in the past. We sure hope so!