Why Use the Little Guy?


In Math for Business and Life, we use a Little Guy on chapter-opening illustrations. The Little Guy is a small, out-of-scale, Einstein-looking character, usually doing something unusual (like writing a check with a pen larger than he is, or sitting in a mailbox).

You may wonder why he is there. We admit the idea is a bit goofy, at least at first glance. Our idea is that the Little Guy not only get students thinking about the subject in an interesting way, but the Little Guy helps take the edge off math. Math-related subjects are often perceived as a bit stuffy, and the Little Guy does his part, we think, in making math more friendly.

Here are a few of our chapter-opening illustrations.


Chapter 1 (Whole Numbers and Decimals)

           Cutting a dollar bill

Chapter 21 (Taxes)

     Home Ownership

Chapter 15 (Home Ownership)

Writing a check

Chapter 7 (Checking Accounts)

If you would, let us know how you like the use of the Little Guy. Does he, in fact, make our text more friendly? Is the idea too goofy? Do you have any ideas for using him?

Thanks for visiting this page. And if you do have the time to share your ideas, we would appreciate hearing from you.

Best regards,

The Olympus Team