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8. What chapters of Math for Business and Life, fourth edition, are covered in your course?
Chapter  1       Whole Numbers and Decimals
Chapter  2       Fractions
Chapter  3       Equations: A Guide to Finding the Unknown
Chapter  4       Percents
Chapter  5       Trade and Cash Discounts
Chapter  6       Markup and Markdown
Chapter  7       Checking Accounts
Chapter  8       Payroll
Chapter  9       Simple and Compound Interest
Chapter 10      Future Value and Present Value: Using Formulas
Chapter 11      Sinking Funds, Annuities, and More: Using Formulas
Chapter 12      Future Value and Present Value: Using Financial Calculators
Chapter 13      Sinking Funds, Annuities, and More: Using Financial Calculators
Chapter 14      Installment Loans and Open-End Credit
Chapter 15      Home Ownership and Mortgage Loans
Chapter 16      Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds
Chapter 17      Additional Applications Using Financial Calculators
Chapter 18      Financial Statements: How to Read and Interpret
Chapter 19      Inventory and Overhead
Chapter 20      Depreciation
Chapter 21      Taxes: Income, Sales, and Property
Chapter 22      Insurance
Chapter 23      Measurements: Real-World Applications
Chapter 24      International Business: Exchange Rates and Metrics
Chapter 25      Statistics: An Introduction

9. Which chapters were most valuable to you personally?

10. How do you like the writing style? Please explain.

11. Are the explanations clear? Please explain.

12. Are the examples and problems more, or less, real-life than those of other texts? Please explain.

13. On a scale of 1 to 5 (with 5 being excellent), please rate the following features of the text:
A. Chapter-Opening Pages    
B. Numbered Examples        
C. Tip Boxes                        
D. U-Try-It Exercises             
E. Chapter In A Nutshell        
F. Chapter Review Problems 
G. Practice Tests                 
H.  Fun Corner                       

14. What are your favorite things about the text? Please explain why.

15. What things would you change about the text?

16. How valuable is this course to you personally? Please explain.

17. Other comments.


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