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Math for Business and Life provides up-to-date ways of solving real-life problems. As the title implies, the text explores not only business math, but also consumer math applications. Math for Business and Life is one of the industry leaders. Here's why, in our opinion, it's having such great success.

First, we have kept the text simple. Concepts are introduced one at a time, in a logical sequence. The author uses plain, simple language, without being "wordy."

Second, the text is friendly. Many people consider "math" to be a four-letter word. To alleviate fear, the author uses a friendly, conversational writing style.

Third, the text is real-life. Many texts use contrived problems. Math for Business and Life is full of realistic, down-to-earth situations, and is stuff that can really be used.

Next, we are careful to listen. For each new edition we get input from hundreds of instructors. As a result, we have a text and support material that instructors and students really want.

Finally, Olympus Publishing Company has a top-notch team of graphic artists, photographers, reviewers, copy editors, proofreaders, accuracy-checkers, compositors, Web designers, and faculty support personnel.

We're proud of how Math for Business and Life has turned out. We hope you will find this website to be a valuable tool. Feel free to contact us with questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions. We always like to hear from you.

Toni Nilson
Faculty Support
Olympus Publishing Company

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