Student Favorites

Textbook Price. Our textbook price is about 50% less than the competition’s. And we offer the text as an e- book, saving students even more.

Student Hotline. If you are stumped with something in the text, just let us know and we will respond promptly.

TIP Boxes. Each chapter has lots of tips that point out common mistakes to avoid and offer real world suggestions.

U-Try-It Exercises. Each unit ends with a few questions that provide immediate feedback on whether the stuff in that unit has sunk in. Answers are included; step-by-step solutions are in Appendix A of the text.

Practice Tests. Each chapter ends with a Practice Test, allowing you to test yourself before the real test in class.

Online Tips. Our website includes tips to overcome Math Phobia and Text Anxiety. It also offers ideas on how to study effectively.

Solutions. Step-By-Step Solutions to Chapter Review Problems and Practice Tests are on our website, free of charge.

Online Tutorials. These provide a fun way to sharpen your skills even more. And they are free of charge. The chapter tutorials are multiple choice; you will be given a chance to re-do the questions you miss and will be shown the correct answer if you want.

Homework Mirrors Chapter Review Problems. If you are having trouble with a Homework problem, you can refer to the corresponding Chapter Review Problem and solution.

Fun Corner. This page, at the start of each chapter, contains tidbits of fun, related stuff, and helps relieve math anxiety.

Writing Style. Students are pleasantly surprised by the simple, friendly, real-life writing style. It helps make the material easier to understand.