Math for Business and Life

The eighth edition of Math for Business and Life is a full-color text. This textbook is the industry leader in dealing with real-life, practical situations. The text explores not only business math, but also math applications for the consumer and investor.

Many people consider math to be a logical, fun subject. Others shudder at the thought of math. For those in the last category, there is no need to be scared. Math for Business and Life is written in a friendly, conversational way and uses plain, simple language. Concepts are introduced one at a time, in a logical sequence. Because of the down-to-earth approach of the text, a reader doesn't have to be a genius to understand the material.

If you are looking for a business math text that is easy to understand, friendly, and real-life, we think you will like Math for Business and Life.

Math for Business and Life, Student Text

Most business math books are softback books, and can be easily damaged. Our 8th Edition student text is a durable hardback text, measuring 8 3/4 inches x 11 1/8 inches. It is easy for students to carry around and is designed to last a long time.


The eighth edition of Math for Business and Life is even more affordable as an e-book, available on our products page. For an explanation and pricing,

Annotated Teacher's Edition

The Teacher's Edition is a softback book measuring 8 3/8 inches x 10 7/8 inches and includes annotated step-by-step solutions to Chapter Review Problems and Practice Tests. For clarity, the annotations appear in magenta.

Homeschool Package

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