We have created a comprehensive exercise, consisting of 41 tasks, that gives students a hands-on-experience with invoices, payroll, checks, bank reconciliations, etc. It also gives students a chance to use their decision-making skills. A teacher's edition (with solutions) is provided to instructors using the exercise. Page one of the exercise is shown below.

rocky Mountain products
rocky Mountain store

    Rocky Mountain Outdoor Products is a business that buys and resells outdoor recreational equipment, such as backpacks, tents, and sleeping bags. The company operates in Salt Lake City, Utah. While the company is primarily a wholesale business, it does maintain a retail outlet on the premises.
     Imagine that you are employed by Rocky Mountain while attending school. Your primary responsibilities include working with invoices, preparing payroll, writing checks, preparing deposits, helping out at the retail counter, and reconciling the bank statement. In addition, the manager knows you are a successful business student so she occasionally asks for your advice on things. You will be asked to complete 41 tasks:

Tasks 1 - 16 Many of these tasks use concepts of Chapter 5 (Trade and Cash Discounts), Chapter 6 (Markup and Markdown), Chapter 7 (Checing Accounts), and Chapter 8 (Payroll).

Tasks 17 - 20   Many of these tasks use concepts of Chapter 21 (Taxes).

Tasks 21 - 34 Many of these tasks use key concepts from Chapters 9 (Simple and Compound Interest), Unit 11.3 or Unit 13.3 (Loan Payments), Chapter 17 (Cash Flow Problems), Chapter 20 (Depreciation), Chapter 23 (Measurements), and Chapter 24 (International Business) (it is not necessary to cover the entire chapters).

Tasks 35 - 41 Many of these tasks use concepts of Chapter 7 (Checking Accounts).

The tasks are for the month of March. We will assume that the checks and deposits that you prepare are the only checks and deposits for the month.

While many of the names and products in the exercise are fictitious, the tasks mirror actual business activities. When you finish, you should have a better idea of how a business operates. Hopefully, you will have a bit of fun along the way!