I am not exaggerating when I say that this course has been my favorite to teach in my 13 years at LC. Your materials are so easy to understand and the project workbook is the best comprehensive learning tool I have in any of my classes. Almost all of my students tell me that it is one of their favorite classes to take - even those who are math phobic! Thank you for everything you've done to help me make my class great over the years! Cara Thompson—Lewis-Clark State College

I have taught math all the way through and including Calculus II. However, Business Math, using this textbook, has brought more "thanks" from students than any class I have taught. They all see the practicality of the class. It makes them WANT to learn the material. And I really appreciate the support provided with the book! It's the best I have ever used....and I have taught for 32 years! Olivia Foster—Ozarks Technical Community College

I LOVE THE WRITING STYLE!!! A+++++. It’s easy to find books that present all the material in a technically correct fashion, but difficult to find books that the students will actually read and use! The style is far superior to any other business texts I’ve looked at. Emily Sullivan—Bates Technical College

Thanks for being such a great support for me and my students. They love your book as much as I do! They say it is the easiest-to-understand book they have ever used. First time most of them have ever felt like they actually understood and can do math problems in their lives! You are the best publisher there is. Never talked to an author of a book in my 43 years of teaching! I always hated teaching math until I found your book. Jan Jordan--Paris Junior College

The writing style is excellent. As a matter of fact, I was shocked when I reached the last page (of the chapter), it reminded me of reading an enjoyable novel. Richard Paradiso—Thomas Nelson Community College

Most of my students seem to really enjoy (that may be too strong a word) having success with math for a change, and I know this textbook has a lot to do with it. Not only does it make math seem friendlier, but they begin to see that math really does apply to life! Separating review problems by unit is nice: I do skip some units and this makes things much easier! This is the best text I've used; thanks for a wonderful textbook! Tish Holleman— Paris Junior College, Paris Campus

It is difficult to verify to a student that math is useful when it is presented in non-useful situations (like, Sally is four years older then Tom and the sum of their ages is 45: who would ever do a problem like this to figure out their ages????). The problems in this text are not contrived. Both my students and I enjoy the writing style immensely. The approach of the text is one of camaraderie in learning between the text and student; it is like having a friend along to help the student with hints and insights. This text is better than other business math texts I have used - has a personality and more support. Sue Norris — Peninsula College/Northwest College

I teach at a graphic design college. My students are very art and design oriented, and often have problems learning math by the more common analytical methodology. I have used the text for six years, and have successfully taught hundreds of students with it. I have had countless students comment on the merits of the book. The book allows the students to visually deal with math, and speaks to them in plain, everyday English that they understand. The examples are clear, the chapters are orderly, and the problems are challenging yet understandable. Thanks so much for presenting the material in your textbook as you have. Jill Bandfield— Platt College

The class is going extremely well. The material is very easy for the students to follow. The students feel they are getting something to apply in real life. Feedback from the parents has also been positive. Brenda Lucas Tunica Institute (High School)

Other texts seem to hide the procedure to solve a problem, like it's a secret; this text is very clear. My students love the Tips. The test disc is awesome! This is the most user-friendly text I've ever taught from. Rose Hertel Columbia Gorge Community College

This text is better than other texts I have used; one reason - no errors. The writing style is excellent. This text is very good! Joe Polidoro Berkshire Community College

I absolutely love teaching from Mr. Webber's "Math for Business and Life." It is exactly what I was looking for in order to give my students an informed and useful view of the math that most people learn only as they go through life. The instructor's materials, as well as the customer support, are fantastic, and my students are thrilled to have a class where they "learn things that they will need and will use." This text teaches students the skills that will be necessary in order for them to be financially knowledgeable both in business and in life. Elizabeth Katz - Delaware Valley High School

I think this text is probably the easiest in readability level that I have seen in the business math area. I like the U-Try-It exercises at the end of each unit. And, I appreciate very much the Chapter Review Problems being divided by unit; that REALLY makes it easier to assign homework. The Practice Tests are great too! The Chapter In A Nutshell is good, giving the students an example of all the steps in the calculations for the entire chapter at one glance. I especially like the Fun Corner section; I think a little light-heartedness is necessary to relieve math anxiety. Jimmie A. Van Alphen — Ozark Technical Community College

I have found this to be an excellent book for traditional classes and online classes. A number of students have said "I'm keeping this book for my personal library." Whenever students use the Student Hotline, I am told the response has been very quick. I especially appreciate the concise explanations of complex topics in easy-to-understand terminology. The book is very practical for people with different life experiences. Mary Ebey -- Edison Community College

The text is clearly written and includes both conceptual and specific "how to" instructions for working problems. My students particularly like the TVM applications, which are better than those of other business math texts. Terry Stokes Salt Lake Community College

Explanations are in plain English and there is not an emphasis on vocabulary — which is good for a math class. Students hate learning definitions in a math class. I like the fact that you get down to the nitty gritty, and the explanations are easy to understand and there is not a lot of fluff. I like the use of real life examples, and the problems appear to be more relevant — more "today." I appreciate the non-threatening writing style. Jeri Spinner — Idaho State University

My students like the writing style. They find the Tips and Chapter in a Nutshell very helpful. The testing materials are great! The support materials make my job so  much easier; this is by far the most comprehensive collection of any text I have used. I also like the comprehensive exercise; it is exactly what students need to understand how it all comes together. Mike Hoyt— Clover Park Technical College

The author does an excellent job of making the subject matter friendly and non-intimidating. The students like the tips. Often when a student asks for help with a certain problem, another student will comment "You should have looked at the Tip - it's right here". My students like the Fun Corner; I try to cover at least one item from each chapter. My students really enjoy the comprehensive exercise and take pride in their work. Comments: "It tied all the units together." "Really fun to do." "I now see how things work together." Ann Clifton — Paris Junior College, Greenville Campus

This text is far superior to other business math texts I have used! It is simple and to the point:  It covers in 4 pages what it took another text 10 pages to cover. I like the author's wit and the little guy used in chapter opening illustrations. The text deals with modern solutions to modern problems. The support material is exceptional. I am a big fan! Pat Cunningham — Dawson Community College

This is not a math text to get ready for the next math class, but math you can use. It's the best book I know of. Other texts: "Jill has five less than three times as many people working for her as Jane. Between them they have......." What a useless question. Your text is real life. The writing style is great for my students. Having the homework problems mirror the review problems helps me,  and my students stay organized. Lots of instructor support. Terry Moore — Platt College, LA Campus

This is the type of book I have been looking for. James Ellis—Central Oregon Community College

I really like the humor of the author. It makes the reading much more interesting. I found myself reading along just to see what comment the author would make next. Linda Flanery—Sisseton Wahpeton Community College

The book is easy to use, fun, and teaches math with humor. It uses current, life-like problems, making it easy for students to want to learn the material. Juanita Irvin—Dine’ College

I LOVE the Fun Corner. What a GREAT GREAT part of the book! Roxane Barrows — Hocking Technical College

The content is easy to read. I believe my students would actually read this material because of the writing style. Yvonne Block—College of Lake County

Best Bmath text I’ve reviewed in 14 years of teaching. Al Eferstein—Lindsey Wilson College

While the material is thoroughly covered, it is not intimidating like other texts. I LOVE the positive, lighthearted comments. Rosemary Fajgier—Burlington County College

I am especially impressed with TIP boxes—what a great learning tool!! Tatyana Pashnyak—Bainbridge Junior College

I know from experience that students love the author’s conversational, humorous writing style. The explanations are given in as few words as possible, while still completely explaining the concept. Students often comment that this business math course is the best math class they have ever taken because it represents real life. Julie Sage—Lewis & Clark State College

I like the author’s style or voice. He makes me smile. I felt as if I were receiving individual attention, being instructional while at the same time affable. JoAnne Strickland—California Maritime Academy, State University