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The writing style held my interest with its conciseness and subtle humor. Very down to earth. Mr. Webber, you have made this old-timer feel academically alive after practically two score years. (Bravo!!!). It is the best text I have had the pleasure to learn from (Hands down!!).
John Doubt—Las Vegas, NV

I actually enjoyed a math text! The writing style was easy to follow. No riddles to solve before I did a problem. The overall rating I give this text is excellent! Tell Mr. Webber I appreciate his accomplishments in creating the text. Robin Keener—Sinking Spring, PA

It is straight to the point and easy to understand. The examples can apply to life whether it be personal or business. Amy Schroeder—St. Paris, OH

I think the writing style of this author is practical, yet entertaining. The problems seemed like real life - not just facts and generic problems in other math books I have used. Melanie Potter—West Valley City, UT

I love the writing style. The explanations are very clear. The example problems apply more to things you would actually do in real life. I love the little Einstein guy by the way, He’s really cool. David Ridenour—Big Rapids, MI

I like that for each problem, it doesn’t go on and on and on how to solve the problem. Melba Cameron—Springfield, MO

Explanations are approached with such common sense that even my seventh grader is intrigued. All issues are directly related to everyday life. Sheila Bobet—Reading, PA

All of the chapters were extremely valuable to me. I thought it was very good writing. The explanations helped me a lot with the class. The tip boxes were great. Angela Sikes—Paris, TX

Very valuable! When I had to miss class I was able to do the work at home without a problem. I actually have been able to use what I have learned in my life already and I haven’t even graduated! Mandy Catron—Marshfield, MO

If I did eventually have my own business I would know what I was doing. Also, having taken this course, will help me get a job. Patricia Veach—Union City, OH

Easy to understand. The book has practical value for every day living and in business field. Willette Gilstrap—Greensville, TX

I found the writing style humourous and great. It was easy to understand. I love the FUN CORNER! It had a lot of neat facts. Claudia S. Arias—Los Angeles, CA
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