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Math for Business and Life was written to provide up-to-date ways of solving problems encountered in business and in real life. In addition to a top-quality student text, we provide other materials to assist students and instructors. Here are the products that are available:

Student Text
The seventh edition of Math for Business and Life is a full color, 8 3/4 inch x 11 1/8 inch hardback text.

(ISBN 978-0-9974835-2-9)


Teachers Edition
The Teacher's Edition includes annotated step-by-step solutions to Chapter Review Problems and Practice Tests. For clarity, the annotations appear in magenta.

(ISBN 978-0-9974835-3-6)

Homework Booklet
Homework is provided in two formats: (1) Online, auto-graded format (there is a nominal charge to students), and (2) a Homework Booklet. The Homework Booklet pages include answer spaces in the right-hand margin for students to record answers; an answer template is provided on an Instructor’s Resource Materials CD to make grading of homework fairly painless.



Book cover

Rocky Mountain Outdoor Products:
A Business Adventure

This is a comprehensive exercise that gives students a hands-on experience running a business: prepairing invoices, payroll, checks, bank statements, etc.

(ISBN 978-0-9716809-4-4)

Financial Strategies
This 34-page booklet contains strategies to plan, organize, and reach financial goals. The booklet, packaged with our text can be used in lieu of a Personal Finance text.

(ISBN 978-0-9769930-0-1)

Instructor's Resource CD

Instructor's Resource Materials CD
This CD is available free of charge to instructors using Math for Business and Life.
The CD contains:(1) PowerPoint slides,
(2) ideas for leading Think Activities, (3) solutions for Explore Activities, (4) solutions to homework assignments, (5) homework answer template, (6) test questions and answers, and (7) Enrichment Topics (which go a bit beyond what is in the text). If you are using Math for Business and Life, 6th edition, click here to get the CD.

Get Rich Slow: Your Guide to Producing Income and Building Wealth with Rental Real Estate.
This paperback book, written by John Webber, can be used when exploring real estate investments. The 220 page book, with a retail price of $23, gets into the nitty gritty that other investment books ignore:
(1) How to quickly decide if a property is overpriced,
(2) how to crunch numbers with a financial calculator or Excel,
(3) how to project cash flows using a Cash Flow Worksheet,
(4) the value of GRMs, cap rates, cash-on-cash returns, IRRs,
(5) how to decide whether to buy a property or walk away,
(6) how to select good tenants and be an effective landlord, and
(7) 25 costly mistakes novice investors make.

To explore more, click here. To buy a copy ($13), click here.

(ISBN 978-0-615-55703-8)

Get Rich Slow
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Financial Stratigies book